About Us

About Us

The name EDGE was chosen reflecting the outside limit of an area or surface which was also inspired by a very well-known say “Less is more” for the poet and painter “Andrea del Sarto”, adopted by architect Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe as a precept for minimalist design and architecture.
At Edge ia; We know how to equilibrate a balanced interior and architectural space, making the best out of it.


A History of

Our History; Edge-ia was not only a child of the 1990’s, but also a born-again organization, an outgrowth of “Galerie Antoine El Khoury” whose startup date was in 1963 and that has ceased to exist as a formal organization, yet has always been a byword for excellence, innovation and a well-known name in the world of seating, living and dining. The early years of Edge ia were marked by an unbridled optimism, It has followed its own path with courage and has seen many improvements since it was founded by Interior Architect Mr. ROLAND el KHOURY,“The Son”, who had a remarkable desire for innovation, comfort and style. His collection and models were carefully chosen to be reliable and synonymous with design and quality “Made in Lebanon”.
The passion for new ideas, for design, the way each project becomes a piece of furniture and raw material becomes an object, these feelings and lot more have characterized the human and professional history of Mr. Khoury, specialist in the production of furniture complements. Edge-ia started as a sofa and wood manufacturing, and has been a leader into the Industry ever since, adding up into their latest innovations a new section for metal production, following the need for the latest trends…

In a whole, the company represents essentially through furniture, complements, lighting, colors and history.


Dreaming, Imagining, Sharpening... That’s how a project comes to new solution, experimenting technological materials respecting the environment.
Edge-ia strive to create a functional and beautiful lifestyle that gives emotion.



To be the leader manufacturer and seller of furniture and upholstered furniture To hit the perfect balance between designs that are current, and yet timeless.
To produce for international markets, with different cultures and living styles, made equal by good taste, sensitivity and elegance.

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Antoine Khoury building, Ballouneh-main highway, Keserwan

+961 3 633 245
+961 76 839 645
+961 9 230 431

Working Hours
Monday till Friday 10h00 am-7h00 pm/Saturday 10h00 am – 6h00 pm

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